The Lotus and its Mudra

One of the most beautiful, unique and sacred flowers is the Lotus. It thrives in shallow, muddy and murky water, yet blooms into one of the most beautiful and flawless flowers I have ever seen. It shows one how to overcome the trials and tribulations of life and still stand strong and beautiful.

As we go through life we find ourselves stuck, stagnant and feeling bogged down by the mud of life. Life is full of trials, tribulations and compromises which can be very difficult and make you feel stuck feeling like you are going no where. When observing the lotus flower, the muddy water it is grown in symbolizes the hardships and difficulties of life, or a challenging time we have faced or are facing. Growing upward on its thick stem through the water, as we also grow through our experiences, difficulties and lessons along the way, removing obstacles and overcoming our adversities. The stem teaches us to be strong and diligent in our quest to become beautiful, full and enlightened as we reach the surface of the water striving towards the open sky above. The lotus petals teach us to unfold and open up receiving the sun and becoming something beautiful and enlightened

We too must be like the lotus and see the potential, greatness and beauty in life and to work hard and reach high to get there. Working hard we will blossom into a beautiful flawless strong beautiful being.

When we use the Lotus Mudra or Padma Mudra it is a symbol for purity and belongs to the heart chakra. Bringing the hands to the heart and joining the edges of your hands and the pads of each of your fingers join symbolize the bud of the lotus. The bud holds all of the beauty inside. Now, opening the three middle fingers keeping the heals of the hands along with the edges of your pinkies and thumbs connected. Take in four deep breaths receiving nourishment from your surroundings, absorb the light, warmth, love, desire and joy. These open fingers represent the lotus petals opening to receive nourishment, nourishment into your heart. As the lotus opens it receives the sun, the divine principle and lets itself be given whatever it needs to thrive and it is given in abundance.

“I open myself to nature; I open myself to the good that exists in every human being; and I open myself tot he Divine so that I will be richly blessed”

-Gertrud Hirschi - Mudras, Yoga in your Hands

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