Dream of a Women's Retreat

Ever since I stepped foot on this amazing magical and spiritual property atop Palomar Mountain a little over a year ago I have wanted to host a women's retreat there. I see so many yoga classes and retreats for 'nude men' but never for women to have the opportunity to be naked with themselves.

I always hear women talking down or bad about themselves. 'I can't do yoga, I can't go braless, I can't do that, I am not skinny, I am not flexible, My body isn't pretty, I am fat' ... it is time to STOP TELLING YOURSELF THESE THINGS!!! It is time to let the inner beast out and strip the layers of doubt, self degrading, comparing and feeling the need to live up to societal standards. It is time to take back the POWER!


I talked and talked about this retreat and I am doing it! I am hosting a safe space for women at a secluded retreat center in Southern California. I have so much fear and excitement about this retreat!

I decided to call my retreat Stripping the Layers, as women we layer everything internally and externally. It is time to become empowered and take back the authentic you residing inside. I decided to make this retreat clothing optional so that women can feel and see what it is like to remove the physical layers of restricting clothes society tells us we must wear. This retreat creates a safe space for you to once again fall in love with yourself. Strip the false thoughts that you have about yourself. Getting naked is not only physical, it is mentally and emotionally. Can you get naked and raw with yourself? Supporting women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity this retreat is a safe space for you to join other women in celebration of your true authentic self.

I also look at myself and at times think that I am getting old and my body isn't what it was 20 years ago. BUT I look at myself and say thank you to this vehicle of flesh that carries my heart and soul. Every day I choose to look in the mirror and say "I LOVE YOU" to me. I encourage you to start this self care of looking yourself in the eyes and truly saying "I LOVE YOU" and mean it!


Interested in this epic retreat?


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